Herbs for High Blood Pressure Cure

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One of the most important herbs for curing high blood pressure is blue High Blood Pressurechamomile. This herb can be used in aromatherapy form to calm the nerves of can be even added in a tincture, provided by an herbalist. One can even inhale this aroma and keep one’s pressure in check. Done regularly this comes as immensely helpful and far times better than in taking huge loads of heavy medicines.

Blue chamomile works and may be with time for some and may be just effective enough to bring some temporary relief but in no way is it going to adverse the effects so it is always worth giving it a shot.

Natural and herbal ways to heal any long term or chronic illness, whatever kind it may be, is always the best thing to be done. You can carry the tinctures with you any where and use a few drops in steamed water and take the vapor.


This is a great thing to elevate pressure and relax your nerves. You can use tinctures of other calming oils with it too, such as, valeria root, lavender oil, rose oil, etc. A massage with blue chamomile oil with some thing calming as the main base oil is also great. You can use the base oil as sesame oil and use it at bedtime or get a warm massage.

This works like a real treat and relaxes your self. Done regularly it is really effective in giving you holistic nourishment for your self. One can also combine one drop of immortelle or helichrysum with two drop of blue chamomile. This brings in a wonderful mixture for an effective massage. Two drops of blue chamomile with ten drops of lavender oil used in a base of olive oil and almond or sunflower oil is also great. Remember to use enough of the carrier or the base oil for effective health. This is a great bedtime ritual that seems to have helped people.

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Learning to administer the essential oils or the right proportions of the herbs according to conditions is only understood by a naturopath. This is one of the most vital points of the uses of herbs and natural oils in case of curing diseases. So the right degree of use is really important and not just knowing what to use!


Four cloves of garlic every morning may also helps to lower blood pressure effectively and bring about a steady balance in the body, according to many naturopaths and herbalists. Celery or celery oil when included in one’s salads or daily food also happens to maintain the pressure of the body. All these are effective modes that are worth trying for to keep blood pressure in check!

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