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Help your Baby Walk and maybe Race!

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One of those simple things that make parents feel very proud about their great parenting is the quick age when their baby starts walking. Parents feel very proud boasting about their child’s quick progress. However every child is different and some start pretty late compared to others; especially if there was prematurity involved in your child then he or she will take even more time to develop such a complicated skill such as walking. Usually, babies by their first birthday or latest by their eighteenth month start attempting to walk, however the really slow ones will simply try to stand upright at this age. Although it is entirely your child’s decision when he or she decides to walk, there are some things that you can do to assist your child as well and there are also some things that you should not do.

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Pregnancy Stages

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Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy stage which mostly every woman comes across after their marriage and in this there are various stages. But many don’t think about it or not understanding the importance of each stage. In general there are three stages in pregnancy and that includes first, second and third trimester. In each stage the mother will come across various emotional and physical effects. These changes due to physical and emotional effects are explained in detail in this article. If you are interested in understanding all these then spend few minutes in reading this article.

The first trimester is the first stage of pregnancy and this stage lasts for


sixteen weeks from the first day of last menstrual period after pregnancy. During this 16 week period women has to face various emotional feelings and all these will be new if they are conceiving a child for first time. If it is first time for a woman then she has to be very courageous and tolerate all his pains and emotions to give birth to a good healthier child.

The emotional changes in this first trimester are very joyful and exciting as they are going to give birth to a new baby. Also the feeling of that they are going to be a mother and like this many emotional feelings will pass on. The physical changes during this first trimester are not absolute and for nearly one month there won’t be any change in physical appearance. But it is evident through other symptoms such as vomiting, tiredness, and exhaustion. All these are because of new hormones which cause more tiredness and even make their breasts to feel sore so that it appears to be fully packed.

Pregnancy Stages
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Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

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It is no doubt that pregnancy is the most important stage of life for any During Pregnancywomen. It is the beginning for a new phase in their life – Motherhood. This is also the stage where every woman must take additional care for their health and must ensure that they include all the nutrients in their diet. Naturally available vegetables, fruits and herbs contain most of the nutrients that helps both the mother and the child to grow healthy.

Though most of the herbs available naturally are to enhance the nutrient contents, some herbs should be avoided during pregnancy as they have harmful effects. Here is a quick brief on the herbs that you should avoid taking to ensure a normal delivery and healthy child.

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy
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Health Tip: High Blood Pressure While You are Pregnant

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High blood pressure- a common problem

1) Now days in a modern world, every one of us wants to look a trendy one High Blood Pressurewith smart personality and a glowing skin. And this not only goes for youngsters even their parents and grand parents are seeking a proper path for reducing their weight and becoming fit.

2) If these things are not kept in mind, one can lead to certain problems – such as high blood pressure, joint pains, weakness and so on. High blood pressure has become very common between today’s people.

3) Every one out of three people is suffering from high blood pressure which is a very harmful thing. Even pregnant ladies suffer from high blood pressure which is not good for them at this stage.

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