Massage Reduces Arthritis Pain

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Alt MD says that while massage therapy cannot cure arthritis or halt the progression of the disease, massage can reduce the inflammation associated with the malady. Massage also reduces painful muscle spasms and lessens the decompression associated with arthritic joint disorder. If you have arthritis and conventional medicine has not helped, you owe it to yourself to try a therapeutic massage.

Massage therapists manipulate soft body tissues with their hands and special tools. Massage can relax stiff muscles, and massage stimulates blood circulation. This means more vital nutrients are being sent to the arthritic joints surrounding tissue, and this means less pain is experienced. Massage also increases flexibility allowing people with arthritis to function at a higher level.

Massage benefits include increased blood flow, enhanced flexibility, mobility, and massage reduces muscle aches and stiffness. Massage also gives the recipient a feeling of well-being which serves to reduce pain further. Several massage styles are available for people with arthritis. The traditional Swedish massage offers a relaxed massage session and will stimulate blood circulation and will relax stiff muscles. On the other hand, a deep tissue massage is a more therapeutic massage and can be targeted to relieve pain from specific muscles.

Massage is considered a safe therapy for most people with arthritis. However, you should speak with your doctor before you get a massage. He will let you know if you could benefit from the therapy. While side effects are rare and minimal arthritis patients should be aware of them. You could experience temporary pain, discomfort, bruising, swelling, or an allergy reaction to certain massage oils, because many massage oils contain nuts. If you are allergic to any nuts tell the therapist. Most arthritis patients discover massage helps them immensely because it reduces pain and increases flexibility.

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According to the traditional way to treat arthritis is with pain medications. While these medicines may indeed help some patients some have been able to reduce their medicine doses because of regular massages. Some medications can have serious side effects such as stomach irritations, ulcers, and increased bleeding. As mentioned there is no cure for arthritis. However, massage may make you feel better, and feeling better is better than feeling worse.

The Arthritis Foundation reports that more doctors are starting to recommend massage to their arthritis patients to lessen pain and relieve stiffness. As massage continues to move into a true therapeutic medically accepted therapy more arthritic people will likely benefit from it. Some patients may resist touch therapy out of fear of being hurt. Choosing a caring and trained therapist will do wonders to relieve your anxiety. She will start slow and may start off with a soothing Swedish massage to get you comfortable with massage therapy. While arthritic joints cannot be healed the surrounding muscles can be relaxed. The surrounding muscles of arthritic joints tend to become stiff and this causes pain. Massage makes these muscles more pliable and therefore pain is lessened. In addition, massage promotes the building of tissue surrounding damaged joints as more nutrients are delivered to the area, and massage helps remove toxins from rigid and underused muscles as well.

On the whole, massage is beneficial for arthritis patients. Consult your doctor before you get a therapeutic massage. Massage cannot heal arthritic joints, but can nourish and heal the surrounding tissue and muscles. As a result pain is reduced and suppleness is increased. If you suffer from arthritis you should investigate therapeutic massage as a way to improve your life.

Massage Reduces Arthritis Pain
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