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Testosterone is nothing but a steroid hormone that is primarily Steroid Hormonesecreted in the testes in men and the ovaries of the women though a small amount of the hormone is secreted by adrenal glands. Proper Testosterone level has to be maintained in our body to enjoy a healthy sex life. It is quite natural that the aging process can result in the decrease of this testosterone content and most men in their mid thirties feel this deficiency. Women also feel a decrease in the level of testosterone in the post menopause period and in these cases they can go for natural testosterone supplements rather than taking the risk of costly surgeries and injections. Natural supplements are always preferred considering the low side effects they cause to our body.

These supplements are made using the naturally available minerals and vitamins that either increase the level of testosterone or decrease the level of estrogen.

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Low testosterone level in our body can cause lot of harms including depression, low sex drive, tiredness or fatigue, loss of body or facial hair, wrinkling of skin in the face, gaining more weight and weakening of our bones and muscles. When unnoticed this problem can also lead to severe diseases as this low level of testosterone disrupts the blood sugar metabolism and leads to obesity and diabetes. Thus the best way to keep you up with the necessary testosterone level is use some natural supplements most of which are available in the over-the-counter.

The most popular natural testosterone supplement is Testarol that helps to increase the testosterone level in our body. It uses most natural ingredients like Beta-ecdysterone and Tribulus Terrestris. This supplement also helps increasing the physical performance of our body and will also help to develop great muscular strength.

Tribulus Terrestris

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Yet another over the counter supplement is ZMA. This natural supplement contains Zinc, Magnesium aspartate, Mono methionine aspartate and Vitamin B6. This supplement uses the power of all these minerals and vitamins to boost the amount of hormones that our body produces naturally. Tribulus Terrestris is also a useful supplement to raise the testosterone level in the body. This supplement is nothing but an herb that is also known a puncture vine. This supplement has its roots from the long past and people in countries like China, India and Greece have been using this herb to cure their sexual problems from the long past.

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Those these over the counter supplements are useful, eating proper food itself will help you maintain a proper testosterone level. Taking food rich in protein will help the body to maintain this level so does regular exercising.

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