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Help your Baby Walk and maybe Race!

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One of those simple things that make parents feel very proud about their great parenting is the quick age when their baby starts walking. Parents feel very proud boasting about their child’s quick progress. However every child is different and some start pretty late compared to others; especially if there was prematurity involved in your child then he or she will take even more time to develop such a complicated skill such as walking. Usually, babies by their first birthday or latest by their eighteenth month start attempting to walk, however the really slow ones will simply try to stand upright at this age. Although it is entirely your child’s decision when he or she decides to walk, there are some things that you can do to assist your child as well and there are also some things that you should not do.

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Healthy Ways of Parenting

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Cut Teen CrashThe teens are an age of new exploration and enthusiasm for any individual. It is important that we support teens and appreciate their own flowering of individual tastes and preferences at this time by letting them be free. When we advice or lecture teens, results are not seen. It is time to place them in their own time and individual frames.

They should be respected as people with brain and soul and they would be able to make the best decisions as long as we show them they can be responsible enough. For instance, one of the major causes for parents to be anxious at this time is the reckless use of cars by teenagers.

As teens are experiencing their initial hands in cars, this is indeed the time to let them know that they are being responsible not only for their own lives but also for the lives of others on road.

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