Researchers Design A New Heart Valve That Can Improve Heart Condition

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New heart valve for better heart treatments

Researchers have come up with a new heart valve that can cause a significant increase in the condition of the heart and subsequently, increase the quality of life. The study that made this discovery was presented during the scientific symposium at San Francisco called the 23rd Annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT). The latest study has revealed the benefits of using the new heart valve in patients.

No need of open heart surgery to fit the valve

Not many hospitals participated in the survey and one of the few that did was Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute. The researchers of the current study showed that results were positive without the need to undergo major surgery. The new valve that has been designed is transcatheter aortic heart valve. Being of the collapsible type, this valve has proved very beneficial to heart patients.

The process by which the valve was inserted in the body was simple and was done through the groin by means of a small incision. It was inserted between the ribs. The valve is used in the place of the damaged natural valve that exists in the body without the need of open heart surgery. Another major advantage of the valve is that the entire procedure is carried out without stopping the natural heart beat of the patient. 

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Approved by FDA

The procedure has been approved by FDA on 2nd November this year. The device has been in research and development stage for the past more than a decade and has been primarily in patients who were so weak that an open heart surgery was not possible. This time, the procedure was tested in patients whose arteries ware severely narrowed. It has proved very successful in treating the patients. The results are consistent with those obtained when open heart surgery was conducted. Another factor that is similar with conventional open heart surgeries is the mortality rate, which is one year.

What were the patients tested on? 

A number of factors were considered in order to evaluate the suitability of the procedure. Symptoms, physical status and health status after the procedure were the considered for the study. Analysis was also made regarding the quality of life following the procedure. Six hundred and ninety nine people were considered for the study. They were divided into two groups based on their health status and analysis was made. Results were positive.

Researchers Design A New Heart Valve That Can Improve Heart Condition
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