Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

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It is no doubt that pregnancy is the most important stage of life for any During Pregnancywomen. It is the beginning for a new phase in their life – Motherhood. This is also the stage where every woman must take additional care for their health and must ensure that they include all the nutrients in their diet. Naturally available vegetables, fruits and herbs contain most of the nutrients that helps both the mother and the child to grow healthy.

Though most of the herbs available naturally are to enhance the nutrient contents, some herbs should be avoided during pregnancy as they have harmful effects. Here is a quick brief on the herbs that you should avoid taking to ensure a normal delivery and healthy child.

The first thing you must know as a pregnant woman is that you can not eat anything and everything like a normal person. The digestions and other natural processes vary slightly during this period and hence may let you into trouble. You must try avoiding emmenagogues herbs that have toxic properties and eating these herbs during pregnancy will promote menstruation. These herbs can also be dangerous causing abortions and can lead to miscarriages. There are a number of herbs that have this property and hence should not be taken during pregnancy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an herb that causes contractions in the uterine and hence must be avoided during pregnancy. This must also not be taken during breastfeeding as its affects the health of your child. Herbs like Angelica, Barberry, and Arbor Vitae must also be avoided as these also cause uterine contraction that may lead to abortions. Taking in Autumn Crocus is also dangerous as this herb as the property to cause cell division and affects the normal delivery. It may lead to birth defects to your new born baby. Basil oil should not used as it is uterine stimulant and may lead to premature delivery.


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You must also avoid drinking coffee, tea and sodas in more amounts as the caffeine in these can cause high blood pressure and thus creating hindrance for normal delivery. Drinking plain milk or some health drinks is advisable as it gives you all the necessary nutrients for your child’s growth. You must also avoid using Cumin seeds or powder as this has the special property to induce labor and might cause premature delivery and miscarriages. Apart from these you must also try to avoid eating herbs that are natural uterine stimulants during the pregnancy.

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Coltsfoot is one herb that is more harmful to your baby as it causes damages to the liver of the fetus. False unicorn root is also not a good herb to be taken during pregnancy as it is a hormone stimulator and may lead to undesirable effects.


Though Goldenseal is a great herb that strengthens our immune system it must not be taken during pregnancy as it can lead to uterine contractions and thus premature delivery. Valerian must also be avoided as it is a powerful sedative that can be too concentrated for the fetus.

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy
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