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Difference between allergies and infections 

Allergies and infections are pretty common among people. Different people are allergic to different things. While some are allergic to food items such as nuts, eggs and dairy products, others are allergic to different kinds of fabrics such as synthetics. Infections on the other hand are slightly different from allergies.

While allergies are caused when the immune system in the body thinks of certain particles entering the body to be potentially dangerous, infections are caused by bacteria, virus and other parasites. The particles that cause allergy do not have to be dangerous to the body whereas microorganisms that cause infections are dangerous to the body. Another major difference between the two is that a particle that causes allergy in one person might not cause allergy in another person but germs causing infections usually affect every body in the same manner. Sinus, common cold, flue and throat problems are classic examples of infections.

Similarity between allergy and infection 

The major similarity between the allergies and infections is in the symptoms. They both cause inflammation in different parts of the body. Rashes and itching are other major side effects that are experienced due to these problems. However, allergies usually show on the face. When the body undergoes an allergic reaction, swelling is caused around the lips, on the tongue and the general mouth area. In severe cases, allergies cause swelling in the throat and thoracic cavity. Infections, on the other hand, cause inflammation at the site of the infection and not commonly on the face. It can happen in any part of the body.

What are the protective measures against infections and allergies? 

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Infections and allergies can be controlled by increasing immunity in the body by regular exercise and good nutritious food. However, in case of allergies, the best way to stay protected is to avoid the substances that cause allergies. Although difficult, a person can find out the substances that cause allergies and keep away from them. Infections can be very effectively cured by developing immunity and resistance. The allergens that enter the body can be successfully killed by the immune system. It has been found that people who are weak and have low resistance are more prone to infections and allergies.

Herbal remedies against allergies and infections 

Allergies and infections can be effectively cured by using herbal remedies such as eucalyptus, neem, ginger, goldenseal, Echinacea and peppermint. These are effective against sinus and several infections of the respiratory system.

Allergies And Infections – Stay Protected
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