Hair And Skin Care – Tips That Can Make Them Glow

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Hair care tips 

Hair is the crowning glory of a person. Everybody desires lustrous locks that shine. Hair is also a major health indicator. While shiny hair indicated good health, lank and lackluster hair signifies some kind of deficiency or underlying disease in the body. The first step in hair care is to avoid harsh chemicals.

These cause damage to the keratin layer in the hair and cause them to split and break. Regular use of harsh shampoos and other products for treatments such as straightening, curling and coloring can cause massive damage to hair. Excessive use of hair irons and blow dryers also cause damage. A good way to take care of hair is hit oil massages and application of a protein pack for the hair at least once a week. You can also use sun blocks for the hair to protect them from harmful rays of the sun.

Skin care tips 

Skin care can best be achieved by following a four step care regime – cleansing, removing dead cell layer, moisturizing and nourishing. Furthermore, the skin care routine largely depends on the type of skin that you have. The kinds of products, whether cosmetic or herbal, which is use should suit skin type. For example, milk cream is excellent nourishment and moisturizing agent for those with dry skin but the same product when used for those with oily skin can cause an outbreak of acne. Oily skin should best be treated with antibacterial agents such as astringents, diluted citric acid, rose water or aqua based creams. Removal of dead skin layer is important in order to help the skin breathe.

Diet tips for skin and hair care 

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Skin and hair need good nourishment from within, which can only be provided through consumption of good food. Eating foods that are high in oils and sugars cause the skin and hair to become dull. A good dose of vitamins and minerals in food is very important for healthy skin and hair. In addition, you need to drink a lot of water in order to flush out toxins that are deposited in the underlying layer of the skin. Clean skin and hair are always healthy.

Common skin and hair problems 

The most common skin problem is acne and excessive dryness. For the hair, dandruff is the major problem. In extreme cases, medical advice is necessary. In case of mild infections, use of home remedies usually does the trick. However, make sure that you do not use chemicals on the skin and hair when they are unhealthy.

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