What is Mesothelioma?

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Nowadays around the world, the word Mesothelioma is getting

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popularized, people are also very keen to know about that in detail. In USA there is a special awareness groups in each and every city and also contains mesothelioma forums, mesothelioma legal cells and etc… to  its extent now mesothelioma research is the most popular one which deals with finding a cure for this disease. This team is working very hard to find an exact cure for this disease and also offers scholarships to mesothelioma affected people.To get an exact cure USA government has invested many billion dollars and still the team is fighting against this dreadful disease.

But in fact many people are being unaware of this disease Mesothelioma. So let us first discuss what is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma this term is closely related to Asbestos because this is a type of cancer which affects those people who have been exposed to asbestos for the maximum time. The research says that a single time exposure to asbestos will not lead to this type of cancer. A long time exposure i.e., like people working in asbestos plant is having a maximum chance to get affected by this cancer. There are also some cases registered in the past the report of them shows that they got disease through the contact of other person who already got the same disease.

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Even though this is the secondary cause the first and the main cause for this disease is due to the exposure to asbestos. Because during the long time exposure to asbestos there are more chances for workers to inhale the small pieces of asbestos or its dust this kind of things is the main cause for the disease. These small pieces settle inside the human organs and causes serious effects to people. Other than this if the affected person is a smoker then it will cause more damages in short period.

This is a rare type of cancer but spreading in greater speed. The Mesothelioma is the term simply used to denote the malignant cancer because in this type there is also non-cancerous mesothelioma. This malignant mesothelioma develops cell around mesothelium, which is nothing but a protective lining around many internal organs.

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This malignant mesothelial cells multiplies in a large number and causes various problems in and around the human organs. Once it reaches the malignant stage it is very hard to get cure of it. This mesothelioma fever started from 1960’s and it cases were registered in small number throughout the world. As asbestos is the natural fibrous mineral which has various uses in many industries it became popular and a part of many manufacturing products. As the use of asbestos fiber increases companies mined asbestos in huge number and for this many people are engaged. In this process many people got affected by the disease due to inhalation of tiny pieces of fiber or its dust.

This is considered to be a malignant disease for various reasons and that includes,

  • It takes very long time for diagnosis as it takes long time period of 20- 25 years to develop after the exposure to asbestos.
  • The lifespan is also less that is just 24 months after the diagnosis of mesothelioma.
  • As there are chances of getting affected from other people who already got mesothelioma is also one of the major reasons.

Beyond this reasons the malignant nature of the disease also depends on the area which it occurs. There are three regions which affects normally and they are pericardium, peritoneum and pleura.

As the causes are very dangerous it is better to create awareness among people about the drawbacks of asbestos and making them free from use of asbestos is the only thing which could prevent the disease in future.

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