Help your Baby Walk and maybe Race!

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One of those simple things that make parents feel very proud about their great parenting is the quick age when their baby starts walking. Parents feel very proud boasting about their child’s quick progress. However every child is different and some start pretty late compared to others; especially if there was prematurity involved in your child then he or she will take even more time to develop such a complicated skill such as walking. Usually, babies by their first birthday or latest by their eighteenth month start attempting to walk, however the really slow ones will simply try to stand upright at this age. Although it is entirely your child’s decision when he or she decides to walk, there are some things that you can do to assist your child as well and there are also some things that you should not do.

For example, when you put on shoes for your child who is just beginning to learn how to walk you will just simply be hindering the natural senses of your child. You should in fact allow your child to initially be as barefoot as he can and let him get used to all the natural textures around him so that he can be comfortable in walking on them.

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Holding is torso while he is trying to walk is actually the best assistance you can give your child to help them walk; in fact many parents tend to hold the child’s hand because they feel that is the natural method of balance but the fact is that often displaces the baby’s balance altogether. Also, parental encouragement is very important in helping your child gain the confidence to start walking. Play and laugh with your child when he tries to walk so that he will be encouraged to try again every time he falls.

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