Chemotherapy – An Overview

The type of treatment focuses on the anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs, for destroying the cancerous cells

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including lymphoma and leukaemia, is called Chemotherapy. It can be used as an isolated treatment for some types of cancers or as a mixture with other cancer treatments like radiotherapy, surgery, hormonal therapy or biological therapies.

The Reasons of Giving Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is suggested widely to treat some kinds of cancer, especially which can metastasize in other parts, because it invades all the cancerous cells present in the whole body. While other treatments only focus on the cancer cells at specific areas.

  • It may be given to shrink a cancer so that in the second step like surgery it can be removed easily.
  • Likewise chemotherapy may be used to destroy the remaining cells after a surgery or radiotherapy to improve the results.
  • This treatment can prolong life by shrinking the cancer and minimizing its development. This therapy is called Palliative Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy – An Overview
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