Side Effects of Cola Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks particularly the cola tastes extremely good and gives a feeling Soft-Drinksof being refreshed. Whether it is a party, marriage or treat there is no celebration without these soft drinks and they have considerably become inevitable.

Instead of occasionally having these drinks, people these days have started using it as an alternative for water and other natural drinks. There has been a remarkable rise in the consumption of the soft drinks and much of the credit goes to those alluring advertisements. Youngsters are mainly targeted through these advertisements and it is them who are going to suffer a lot due to their ignorance and negligence.

Have you ever thought of the health effects of drinking such drinks? Majority of us are not aware that too much of soda can cause severe health problems from which one can hardly recover.


Most of the cola drinks are high in sugar and calories which your body doesn’t need at all. On the other hand there is only a meager amount of nutrients present in it and their frequent consumption may severely affect your immune system.

If harmful means, why people are craving for it? The answer is simple – they taste extremely good, easily available everywhere and creates a fake status impression.

Some of the major side effects which has been hidden under this great taste are


If you are concerned about your excess weight, the very first thing you have to do is to stop the consumption of these cola drinks. The soda present in these drinks is full of sugar and fructose which eventually result in the increase of calories in your body and thereby a fatty body. However these calories which build up in your body do not provide you any energy.


High Blood Pressure and heart related problems

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The excessive amount of sweetener results in high blood pressure which in turn causes giddiness and increased heartbeat. Increased heartbeat paves way for cardiac related disorder and may even cost your life.

Calcium depletion

Excessive consumption of these drinks may deteriorate the calcium content in your body. The acidic nature of the drink followed by the increased sugar content eventually leads to weaker bones and also erodes your tooth enamel.

Possibility of becoming an addict

Cola drinks are rich in caffeine, a stimulant which can slowly turn you addict towards this drink just like what a coffee does to you.



Studies have shown that, if cola drinks were consumed on a regular basis they can make a person infertile. The ingredients of these drinks have such a harsh nature.

Gastrointestinal trouble and insomnia

Frequent use of cola drinks causes gastrointestinal troubles followed by insomnia. You may also feel a low appetite and therefore a drop in your overall body weight. The soda stimulates your nervous system and thereby disturbs your normal sleep.

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