Swine Flu continues to spread – 2 US soldiers confirmed to have swine flu in Germany

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News reports from Berlin, confirmed that 2 US military men have beenTamiflu diagnosed to have Swine flu. This was confirmed on Sunday when these military men were tested in their medical center in Landstuhl, Germany.

Apart from these there are also 4 other people, two from Navy and two AirForce personnel have symptoms of Swine Flu and they are in the probable list to be infected with the virus says Steve Davis, a European Regional Medical Command Spokesman. Davis also added that in these four expect for one nay sailor who travelled to Italy all others had been in Germany only. All these people share the same area in the hospital at Landstuhl. Davis also said that 2 of these cases are confirmed to have the flu while the other 2 are under diagnosis. He added that other employees would be given vaccination and Tamiflu treatments to prevent them from getting this disease.

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