Health Care–The Ill Effects Of Obesity

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Obesity affects the heart 

Obesity is more than just the visually unappealing problem. It is a serious heath problem that is as dangerous as any chronic disease. The number of health hazards posed by obesity are immense. Being heavy puts a lot of load on the heart. The heart has to pump with more pressure in order to supply blood to different parts of the body.

Furthermore, due to all the fat deposited in the body and in the arteries, it is difficult for the blood to flow through. Risks of blocks are higher when the person is obese. Heart attacks are very common in people who are obese. Alongside, stroke is also a serious risk to health in people who are obese. Another major problem associated with obesity is high cholesterol.

Obesity affects the musculoskeletal system 

One of the most serious problems caused due to obesity is musculoskeletal in nature. Different aches and pains such as arthritis and pain in the joints are very common. This is due to the excess weight and pressure on the joints due to too much of fat. The joints suffer more wear and tear. The human body is like a machine and obesity is like overloading the machines, which causes a higher level of wear and tear. Even small activities such as walking can be a difficult task due to the excess bulk.

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Hypertension and diabetes 

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common problem in obese people because of blocked arteries. Since arteries are narrowed, the pressure of blood flowing through them has to be higher. Diabetes is caused because the insulin production is hampered. Type II diabetes is a major problem in people who have an obese body because the ability of the body to control blood sugar is reduced.


Cancers are common in obese people because the body is not detoxified effectively. Among the various cancers that can be caused due to obesity is colon cancer. Colon is the last part of the digestive system and a part where toxins are formed if excretion is not proper. When a person is obese, detoxification is severely hampered and hence, toxins pose a grave danger. Women are exposed to a higher risk of breast, uterine, cervix and gallbladder. Men are exposed to higher risks of cancers of the digestive tract. The main risk caused by obesity is premature death. Obesity reduces age by years and causes early death.

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