Prevention of Pinworms in Children

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Pinworms in Children

Pinworms happen to be the tiny white worms that are really common in Pinwormschildren. Children get affected by pin worms at random and these result in itchy bottom, intestinal dysfunction, etc. They can even be passed from one child to another.

Pinworms can be quite painful and they can be identified through anus or bowel movements. They are usually treated fully with the appropriate medication.The American Academy of Family Physicians offers some suggestions involving the treatment.

These suggestions include the incorporation of healthy habits in children. So washing hands with soap before eating and after coming from outdoors really has to be made a norm for children, in order to avoid getting pinworm infection. Mild disinfectant soaps are really helpful for the purpose. There are also other important factors such as cutting the child’s fingernails regularly. Fungus and worms seem to spread through these ways really fast.

Biting fingernails can be a really bad habit among children and doing this can really result in the affectation of pin worms. There are ways to include hygiene by making it a habit for them to wear fresh and washed underwear every day. Bathing the child in the morning instead of evening is also a great habit that controls these worms. This actually helps control the spread of eggs that are laid at night.

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Deworming and garlic extracts definitely help to control the worms. Exposure to sunlight also kills pin worms. So make sure that your child is getting the natural dose of Vitamin D. Keep the nursery windows open for fresh sunshine to come in and play daily. They will really improve your child’s conditions from pinworms.

While pinworms do not cause any significant health hazard, they can be quite a nuisance in a child’s life. They are tiny parasitic worms coming from eggs laid in the large intestine and can affect adults as well.

Prevention of Pinworms in Children
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