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Testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone which helps us in increasing Increase Testosteronestamina and building body mass. It is secreted in males by testis and in females by ovaries. Some amount of it is also produced by adrenal glands. But the majority of is produced in it as it is a male sex hormone. Deficiency of it can cause impotence, muscle loss, obesity and brittle bones. So its very much necessary specially for males to have a proper balance of testosterone in body. It can be achieved by various means such as by taking steroids or by having any kind of special therapy but it is better to increase its level naturally in the blood stream.

Normally the level of testosterone in human blood stream varies from 350-1000 nanograms per deciliter but after crossing the age of 40 years its level starts depleting with the rate of1% every year. Sometimes it is found that at the age of 30s also the level of testosterone becomes low in a person. It leads to heart attacks. So it is better to take care of testosterone level from an early age by following some natural ways to boost the testosterone level which can be achieved by practicing these religiously to get desired results.

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Different ways to increase testosterone level naturally:

  • You should practice regular compound exercises which includes squats, bench press, back rows, lunges, dead lifts and military passes so that you can exercise a number of muscles with these small exercises.

Compound Exercises

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  • Heavy weight lifting in early age of 20s can help to boost the testosterone level and you will not suffer with the problem of decreasing level of testosterone in late 30s or 40s.
  • You should sleep at least for 8 hours a day because a proper sleep can help you to remove the whole day fatigue from your body and can make you full of energy once again.

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  • You should avoid having a floppy belly because more body fat elevates the estrogen level in bloodstream which in turn can cause shrinkage in testosterone level.
  • Do not keep yourself starve for long hours as the intake of low calorie amount can also lead to the lowering of testosterone level in the body.
  • It is proved that people in the habit of having ample nuts have high level of testosterone in them. So you should go for nuts as it contains monosaturated fat which has been proved to be the healthiest component required for body.

Nuts and Seeds

  • It has been seen that having long gaps in between two meals can lead you with a low level of testosterone. You should maintain your diet plan in such a way so that you can have about 5-6 meals in a day at small interval of time.

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  • As we all know that testosterone is a sex hormone and plays a vital role in increasing our sex life and helps to boost up sexual endurance. It has been proved by scientists that having sex once in a week helps to increase the testosterone level. This is because sexual contacts can increase the level of endorphin, oxytocin and testosterone.

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