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Any research about Acai berry is sure to lead you to amazing advantages Acai-Berriesof the berries. These berries were first used in the rain forests of Brazil. They are good in terms of the benefits they bring to the body. You may need to try them out and witness strengthening of your immune system. The berries have for many years been used to make supplements as well as juices which are much sought for their health benefits to individuals.

Acai berries are rich in natural nutrients which earn it a reputation as world’s number one super food. It contains many types of vitamins among them B1, C, and A.

Additionally, the fruit is very rich in phosphorous. Women love it because of its richness of taste and the fact that it contains iron and calcium. You are also going to find beneficial fatty acids such as Omega 6 as well as Omega 9. It is also rich in all amino acids. It is richer in proteins than an egg.


Acai berries are rich in antioxidants, more than the ones found in red wine or any other type of drink. Juice products such as Mangosteen and Noni contain 6 times fewer antioxidants than Acai berry. Another finding that has resulted from research Acai berries is that this product contains anti-cancerous traits that help the body survive cancerous tumor attacks.

Some researchers from University of Florida found out in 2006 that the antioxidants found in Acai berries were able to kill cancerous cells which had been extracted from a human body and then put in a cultured environment. Although this is not to say that Acai berries should be used as a cure for cancer, it is good to note that they help the body in the task of fighting this dreaded disease.


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Many people know Acai berry due to the role it can play in leading to a successful weight loss plan. The omega fatty acids present in the berries are responsible for maintaining a boost in the level of metabolism in the body. Acai is also rich in fiber which means it ensures that the digestion process takes place without any problems. In other words, you no longer have to undergo that nasty feeling of being always full in the stomach.


The level of stamina in our bodies can increase through eating many Acai berries. Brazilians have been using them for many years but is only recently that their worth has come to be appreciated. Although this revelation comes as a surprise, it not such a bad thing to know that you can enjoy them since they are easily available.

Acai has a very unique flavor that Brazilians are too familiar with. It has antibacterial effects and is also known to have anti-inflammatory qualities.


It is also antimutagenic and it also helps in nourishing the cardiovascular system. The Omega fats also help the body maintain the right levels of cholesterol. The free radicals contained in antioxidants are important for maintenance of a youthful skin.

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