Effect of Drug Addiction

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With the rapid increase of drug abuse among teenagers and even adults all over the world, many people usually don’tDrug Abuse Teenagers understand why they always prefer drugs to relatives, or are stressed with the issues of finances or even why they are always in loggerheads with the law. According to scientists and researchers, effects on drug abuse causes not only physical harm but also affects the mental status of a person. This is because drug abuse is routine happening that often causes some brain changes resulting in stronger and stronger impulses to use.

When an individual gets himself into an excessive consumption of drugs despite the emotional, physical or social problems, this usually leads to an addiction.

Drug addictions always do come with a weighty price which can vary from mild itching to comas and then death. There exist so many reasons which lead people to start indulging into drugs, some think that by taking drugs, they can avoid problems in life, do away with physical or mental pains or even help them feel more active. Some indulge in drugs after being prescribed by doctors to reduce chronic pains using Effexor, the medication is supposedly use to treat the patient. However, in the process they get addicted if they attain their desires.

There are a wide variety of drugs which are illegal. This include; cocaine, steroids, ecstasy, marijuana e.t.c. every drug has its own kind of effect on an individual and also produces different results. For example users of marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs may suffer from flashbacks and unwanted recurrences of drugs even months after withdrawal while cocaine effect is nervousness depression and strong desire to use more cocaine. But most of these illegal drugs have common effects of addiction found on those who are drug addicts.

Drug Addiction

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Effects of drugs on society usually shows itself when the person becomes inefficient in work. Those who use drugs are likely to have work-related accidents therefore endangering their life and those who are around them. Families also feel the effect of the drug when it leads to marital problems since the spouse may unable to supply money or take care of his family.

Physical or Social Problems

Drug addiction can also cause Psychological and social effects, in that, those who are addicted usually are unable to control it. For example when some go without drugs, they become agitated, get depressed, uneasy, and there desire for taking more drugs usually increases. In most countries the use of drugs are illegal therefore this makes them to be very expensive and inaccessible.  Drug is also linked with the increase of crime in many parts of the world. This is true because those who are addicted can steal for the sake of getting money to buy drugs.

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