Cancer Death Rate Shows a Downward Trend, Surveys States

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Good news if you are a resident of United States, as the new survey has shown that the death rate due to cancer in U.SStudent Lab has fell again in the year 2006. The downward trend in the cancer death rates are attributed to decline in the smoking among the public, improved mechanism to detect the disease earlier and also improvement in the technology to provide better treatments.

According to a Cancer Institute Report in U.S, the rate shows a meager 2 % decline in the death rate, experts feel that it was modest. This rate of decline is higher compared to last year and the considering the rising population this is certainly a greater achievement.

It is a known fact that cancer is the second largest deadly disease after heart diseases and it amount for a quarter of the nation’s annual death. Though the cancer death rates have been declining from 1990, this year had shown a great decline of 2 %.

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The reports shows that on an average 181 out of 100000 people die now in cancer compared to 185 in 2005. Experts back up the people for their efforts to quit smoking as the key reason for this decline. Earlier detection and improved treatment are also considered as key to this down trend. But cancer institute officials think nothing could suddenly change in a year and added that this success had its roots few years back. The deaths due to specific cancer types like colon cancer have come down due to early detection and that of leukemia due to effective treatments.

Source: All Health Site

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