Devastative Effects of Steroids

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No beautiful thing in the world is without its share of setbacks. Steroids are no exception.

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If you were thinking steroids to be the right energy boosters and beautifiers that you were looking for, it is high time you start considering its devastative effects.

It is true that the steroids are energy pumpers and that they promote the growth and development of the muscles in the body. But it can well be improving your external appearance at the cost of damaging your internal tissues.Steroids are sex hormones called the testosterones which are naturally produced in both males and females (only a very lesser amount).

The testosterones are responsible for growth of muscles and they also help fight stress. Thus people who are involved in tiring work and tend to get tired easily take artificially manufactured steroids as a stress buster and this leads to dangerous effects. Steroids generally reduce the overall activity of the immune system. The dangers of steroids extend to a long list.

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Testosterone levels correlate to aggressiveness of a person. Therefore more consumption of steroids actually increases the blood pressure of the person and the person becomes highly aggressive and tends to be violent in their actions. These pills also are likely to develop a feeling of fear and mistrust.

A very common misconception is that steroids improve the appearance of the body. Actually steroids effect the growth of reproductive organs and also prohibit the growth of facial hair. But they tend to produce a whole set of side effects that could actually worsen your appearance. You will be exhaling bad breath if you consume steroid pills. Some of the other effects are acne, red spots all over the body. They cause swelling of legs and feet too.

Other serious effects of the pills include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.  The persons consuming these steroid pills are more prone to diseases like heart stroke and breast cancer.

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Devastative Effects of Steroids
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