Calories will be soon counted by Chain Menus

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Most of the large restaurants that have their restaurant chains in the US areDiet_Calories_On_Menus heavily criticized due to lack of awareness and their role in the country’s fatness plague and it is planned that now all the leading and large chain restaurants in US will keep a check on their calories and will count calories on their menus.

It is agreed by Chain restaurants that from now onwards they will describe the number of calories along with other important and crucial info on their menu cards such as information about the amount of sugar along with information about salt as well as cholesterol.

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It is also a possibility that restaurants may also include menu labeling law as well and this point is one of the hottest talked topics in the whole nation today. Obesity epidemic is a very crucial topic on the whole nation and most of the young generation is also suffering from this problem. Therefore, it is important to take some serous attention towards obesity epidemic so that this problem can be solved.

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