Races Differ in Rates of Sleep-Related Obesity

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There is another good news if you are a white American as studies have Obesityproved that white American are at a lesser risk of getting obese due to low sleep compared to the blacks. The survey was conducted among 29000 adults of different age group from 15 to 85 and it was found that 52 percent of blacks and 35 percent of whites where obese. Both these groups of men reported to have a low sleep rate that is five hours or less. The low sleep rates of blacks were 12 percent and that of whites were 8 percent.

The study also found that the obesity to low sleep ratio came around 1.78 to the black Americans and it was 1.35 for the whites. This clearly showed that blacks 35 percent higher risks of getting obese when compared to the whites. This was also a clear indication that black had lesser sleep and thus have a higher risks of obesity. Though this might be a good news to the whites, this study is a clear indication to the people of United States that low sleep is the main cause for obesity. This study was to be presented at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies annual meeting, in Chicago.

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