Allergies and Infections–Natural Remedies for Sinus

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Why are sinus infections caused? 

Sinus infections are caused due to a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are sensitivity to foods such as wheat and dairy products and external allergens such as pollens, dust, fungus and molds. Sinus infections are also caused due to exposure to severe chills and getting drenched in water.

The reasons for these infections differ from one person to another and the treatment depends largely on self diagnosis. Although doctors can help by performing an allergy test, you will be benefitted by noticing the kinds of articles or foods that you are exposed to in order to point out the precise cause for infection. Sinus can be caused due to allergies or it can also be an infection.

Probiotics intake 

Probiotics refers to live microorganisms that are great for the host. When administered in moderate amounts, these help in strengthening the immune system of the body. Examples of probiotics are yeast, mushrooms and soy yogurt. These organisms occur naturally in most of the foods that are eaten in fermented forms such as curd. These organisms inhibit growth of harmful microorganisms as well. Eating some amount of probiotics everyday is a good way to control different types of allergens. In addition, some of the other problems that can be solved with the help of probiotics are diarrhea, atopic infections and urogenital infections. 

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Honey is one of the best protections against sinus. This improves the immune system of the body and removes fungal infections. When honey is eaten along with apple, it is known to be very nutritious good against sinus. You can gain more benefits if you eat the apple along with the seed. Seeds are a good source of quercetin. In addition, including fruits that are rich in vitamin C is a helpful remedy against the problem. Drinking lots of water, boiled and filtered, is also helpful in providing relief from sinus.


There are a number of herbs that are very effective in fighting sinus infections. Ginger is one such item. Drinking the juice of ginger mixed with a bit of honey is very effective against sinus. Garlic is also equally helpful. Basil leaves are very effective when consumed in boiled water. Nettle leaf can be drunk in tea form to get relief from sinus. Pepper, when consumed mixed with tea, helps against the problem. Inhaling oil extracted from Eucalyptus tree can get rid of sinus quickly.

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