Female hair loss and natural treatment options

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Female hair loss

In the US, an alarming 30 million women have to face a really big and Female Hair Lossannoying problem known as hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss counts for nearly 95% of hair loss cases in the country. Women always like to express their femininity with their chanting hairstyles and hair loss often serves as an annoying problem for them. A large number of hair loss treatments are being used these days, but most of them are either too expensive or involve some harmful method that can cause a lot of side effects. A considerable number of women often look for some safe and inexpensive methods for hair loss treatment. The following options can prove quite effective for them.

Utilize the nutrition-power

You believe it or not, but it’s true that nutrition can do wonders to grow hair and you should never underestimate such powers of the nutrition. In hair loss cases, shaft of the outer hair gets dead, but not the hair follicle found inside, and they definitely need a diet rich in some healthy fatty acids and proteins. Vitamin B Complex is also essential for hair growth.

Hair Follicle

Essential oils’ blend

Many aroma therapists use a common blend of essential oils that contains sesame oil, soybean, almond, bay oils and lavender. This essential oil blend can prove very effective to stimulate the scalp if it is massaged into the scalp frequently.

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Regular Workout

Regular exercise is not only effective for overall good health, but it can also prove very handy for hair growth. It boosts digestive system, improves blood flow in the body and increase oxygen delivery in cells and tissues of the body.

Regular Exercise

Gentle scalp massage

The blood flow in the hair follicles can be increased with the gentle massage of the scalp everyday. This kind of treatment has been found amazingly effective in hair growth, especially in temporary and mild hair loss cases. Aside from hand massages, one can also make the most of inexpensive massagers that are especially designed for the scalp.

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Gentle Scalp Massage

Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and nettle root extract

Indians and Native Americans often used a mixture of aloe Vera, cocoanut milk and wheat germ oil to avoid hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Jojoba oil can prove very effective to treat hair loss that occurs because of some skin condition like psoriasis, eczema or seborrhea. Jojoba oil maintains the moisturizer of the skin and thus enhances hair growth.

Vitamin A and C are quite well known for their benefits for healthy skin. These vitamins as well as many other important lipids and minerals are abundantly found in nettle root extract.

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Onion Juice

Recently, an article has been published in the Journal of Dermatology which gives ample details about the effectiveness of this juice in growing hair.

Most of the women become an easier victim of stress because of hair loss, and there are many who go for harmful and expensive treatment options for hair loss treatment. These women must keep this fact in mind that stress may double their problem and if they are going for some treatment option, the natural treatment option can be the best option at first.

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