Charm Your Children This Halloween, Let Them Eat Their Sweets In One Go

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Latest research reveals secret to better dental care 

Halloween is the time for treats and tricks and most of the times, children dressed in their scary costumes end with lots of treats and sweets. So, this Halloween, be a good parent and let your kids have their sweets in one go if you want to keep their teeth healthy. Science has confirmed the benefits of this trick. Latest research has proved that in order to cause minimum harm to the teeth of children during Halloween, it is best to let them have their sweets at once.

Parents usually tend to ration out sweets and give them a few at a time. The research proves that adopting this method causes fewer cavities. The research was carried out at the Temple University in Philadelphia by Mark Helpin, the dentist. He said that frequent consumption of sweets poses greater risk of dental problems.

Frequent eating of high sugars disturbs pH balance 

Helpin said that frequent intake of high sugar and high carbohydrates foods disturbs the pH balance in the teeth and makes them more acidic in nature. For the high acidity in the oral cavity to subside, at least an hour is necessary. If you feed sweets to your child frequently, the high acidity levels remain elevated for a longer duration and cause rotting and cavities in teeth. On the contrary, by eating sweets all at once, the acidity levels reduce after an hour and prevent excessive damage due to high acidity levels.

Should you stop giving sweets to your children? 

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It is a common conception that if you prevent your kids from eating sweets, their teeth remain healthier. Helpin however says that depriving kinds of sweets completely is not fair. The next best way of protecting their teeth is by letting them have sweets at one time. He further elucidates that the best time to give them sweets is as dessert after meals. At this time, the saliva produced in the mouth is high and hence, acidity in the oral cavity reduces faster. The worst thing that you can do is to give them sweets one at a time, every few hours.

Halloween advice for adults 

Halloween is the time for sweets and there is nothing much that you can do to stop children from having sweets. Giving chips instead of sweets does not help because chips are also deep fried items and high in carbohydrates. However, the best thing will be to give them non-sticky sweets that are low in sugar content. Dark chocolate is a good option.

Charm Your Children This Halloween, Let Them Eat Their Sweets In One Go
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