Chemotherapy – An Overview

The type of treatment focuses on the anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs, for destroying the cancerous cells

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including lymphoma and leukaemia, is called Chemotherapy. It can be used as an isolated treatment for some types of cancers or as a mixture with other cancer treatments like radiotherapy, surgery, hormonal therapy or biological therapies.

The Reasons of Giving Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is suggested widely to treat some kinds of cancer, especially which can metastasize in other parts, because it invades all the cancerous cells present in the whole body. While other treatments only focus on the cancer cells at specific areas.

  • It may be given to shrink a cancer so that in the second step like surgery it can be removed easily.
  • Likewise chemotherapy may be used to destroy the remaining cells after a surgery or radiotherapy to improve the results.
  • This treatment can prolong life by shrinking the cancer and minimizing its development. This therapy is called Palliative Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy – An Overview
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Hair Dye Allergies

Hair Dye AllergiesWhenever we talk about the allergy to the cosmetic products and skin sensitivity, hair dye allergies are the third most common allergies that come after fragrances and preservatives. Hair dying has become the most modern aesthetic trend among youngsters. It has also taken lead on the tattoos and body piercing.

Most of the hair dyes cause allergy resulting in burning, redness, and itchy scalp. This problem can be easily coped if treated early on; when you feel irritation in your scalp right after the implementing dye.

Unfortunately most of the people are unaware of the allergic reactions of hair dyes and they buy special shampoos and conditioners which may aggravate the condition instead of curing it.

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Hair Dye Allergies
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Some cure for Acne

acne1Acne a menace, notwithstanding is not anything that cannot be tackled and there is a load of acne removal product around the world. We can separate acne products into three different categories namely,

  • On prescription acne cutis charge products.
  • Over the counter which is specialized acne cutis like products.
  • Curative or plain acne cutis assists products.

The broad acne pares care product is the one that are misused as acne preventing apprise. These allow cleansers; make up remover and acne product that ply forbid acne. In the sincere meaning, these acne rind guardianship products are fitting those which should be line of your regular subprogram.

Nevertheless, several of these are many orientating to act suchlike an acne wound upkeep creation. This acne injure want products act against causes of acne like limiting the production of sebum or oil & preventing hindering of cutis pores. Continue reading

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Tips for a Low-Cholesterol Diet Regimen


Cholesterol is a silent killer that strikes the heart and hinders its normal functioning. The soft, fat like waxy substance is found in the bloodstream and in our body cells. Hypercholesterolemia is the medical term for the high levels of blood cholesterol.

Here are some of the tips that are essential to control the bad cholesterol in our body.

  • First, one needs to make up one’s mind to throw away all kinds of junk and unhealthy food items from the kitchen. The processed foods containing a higher amount of fatty acids is associated with increased level of cholesterol in our bloodstream and needs to be taken away from the refrigerator and thrown out.
  • Stop yourself from taking a high amount of saturated fat as they are more likely linked to higher levels of cholesterol. Avoid animal products such as the pork, beef, milk cheese etc. Continue reading
Tips for a Low-Cholesterol Diet Regimen
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