What’s Triggering My Acne?

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Acnes are usually caused when the skin’s oil glands produce excess oil andAcne-1 clog the skin’s natural pores. Acnes or pimples, as we know them are usually a result of this but can also occur due to the following reasons:

I. Hormonal imbalance or change or triggers

II. Any kind of allergy

III. Wearing pore clogging make-ups or allergens in make-ups or products used,

IV. During menstrual cycle, pre menses, menopause or even pregnancy

V. Having a family history

VI. During adolescence or teens when hormonal changes naturally trigger excess oil secretion through skin


VII. Diet rich in fried food

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VIII. Some antibiotics or heavy medicines like anti-epileptics or anti-depressants that might be used in treatment of some other disease in the body

IX. External sources of oil applied to the skin that might not be necessary for the skin as it itself is oily.

X. Improper detoxification of the body, inappropriate elimination, etc.

XI. Over drying of skin in any harsh manner or even change of weather.

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XII. Dandruff on scalp.

So as we can note there may be multiple causes for acne break outs. If you can figure out the possible causes you are better able to control and deal with. Instead of downing antibiotic pills that most doctors give for acne it is important to clean the body from inside out which usually takes charge of a lot of things, including hormonal imbalance to improper cleansing of colon to excess oil secretion.

If you can just remove all fried and excess of oily and spicy food from your diet and concentrate on internal house cleansing, you definitely stand the chance of having cleaner, acne free skin. Your hair shafts and scalp also needs to be clean. Dandruff on your scalp will only make your facial skin dirty and create further acne. So even if you may be doing the right things you would not see appropriate results.

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