What You Need to Know if You Have Late Periods

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Late Periods

The reasons for late periods can be many but can be some severe to minor reasons. It can be quite a concern for any woman and without delay it must be tracked down for there could be numerous or some minor change required so that a hormonal order to the body.

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Often the reason can be dealt with clearly along with uprooting the fear in a woman’s heart.

Other than the fear of getting pregnant there are several chances that a missed period is going to bring about some internal problems in a body.

Some of the most common reasons include the following:

Stress: Stress happens to be the number one factor that brings some damage to a woman’s life. Today all jobs are quite stressful and women would not have the choice to go in for a less stressful job just like that. Besides stress also gets induced through environmental pressures and chemicals present. Other than pregnancy stress happens to be one of the primary factors through which problems in irregular or late periods occur.

A decrease in the GnRH hormone can mean that ovulation does not take place which in turn stops the process of regular menstruation. This can be rather important to balance and a proper gynecologist would be able to advise on how things can be balanced in order to help you relax and get your groove back.

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Illness: Any major illness that causes a lot of weakness or loss of blood can make you have delayed periods. This means that your nutritional deficiencies are creating problems in brining you late periods or making you skip your periods. This is quite a temporary situation and gets healed as soon as the body gets back its strength. Sometimes vitamin supplements, additional nutritional benefits as well as a proper diet can bring back regularity and order.

Change in Schedules: Women who do not have a regular schedule or have a hectic work and lifestyle are more likely to face disruptions in their menstrual cycles. Usually women who have proper bedtimes, meal times, work and rest routines followed in the same way all throughout the week will likely not skip or miss their periods. Any change in schedule actually causes the body to react and it is difficult for hormones to adjust. Women who have abrupt sleep hours do not balance their hormone wells and this becomes another one of those lifestyle reasons that bring irregularity in menstruation cycle. So changing schedules frequently can throw you off the hook and the body balance cannot cope well. Women who have disruptive work schedules will have more problems with their body clock and overall balance maintenance. Frequent travels will also pose to be a strange cause for irregular menstruation.

Changes in Medications: Sometimes heavy doses of medications as well as new types of medicines will definitely bring about a delay or absent in your regular periods. This is one of the greater maladjusted effects that can be brought through strong medicines. In warding off one kind of problem several body imbalance can occur. Some birth control pills can be particularly hazardous with overall body clock schedules. Changes in dosages or the medications will definitely help. Also it is better to switch to herbal supplements and medications when possible to minimize side effects.


Excess Weight: Being overweight can be one of the main reasons through which one can totally lose the hormonal balance and have irregular periods. Most women get to see a better facilitation of their fertility level as well as more regular periods when they lose the excess weight. Excess weight often brings in the formation of ovarian cysts and problems with regular ovulation. These may hinder appropriate fertility rates and loss of weight or bringing weight back to normal range will definitely bring positive results.

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