Swine Flu Check in Schools and Colleges

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Recent reports say that even though Swine Flu cases and challenges Swine Flu Checkbecome relentless, there might not be complete closing off of schools and colleges after all. If the Swine Flu outbreak goes worse than current situations in fall then there might be a change but so far it does not seem likely that Swine Flu is going to completely shut down schools and colleges for safety measures. The federal officials say that things are quite under control. A new advisory body issued Thursday has declared the latest measures regarding the flu.Their afternoon press conference revealed that the US Disease Control and Prevention board are taking adequate measures to keep work flow and normal schedules of people at level.

If the extent and severity of the flu extends any time then there could be more measures taken. But so far the expected fall outbreak remains uncertain or remarkably under control.

The campus administration department of US schools and colleges have remained flexible however in case any severity arises, they would be bound to wrap up for the season. The fall/winter flu season could bring anything worse or less in degree but the whole matter is pretty unpredictable right now. The guidance release has explained that the university should not take students who have already contracted the disease. US Education Secretary Arne Duncan has also reported in the conference that the prevention measures within campus are just common sense guidelines which they are going to regard in the best possible way.

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They are also encouraging students to stay clean and safe among them by making them more aware of safety measures. They are also made conscious about the ways flu can spread with the used of doorknob, keyboards, remote controls, dorm rooms, sharing common things, etc. These are also kept in order by the maintenance staff. Elevator button, sinks and bathrooms are particular areas through which disease can spread and so awareness is more on keeping them as clean as can be. Students who need attendance or observations should be helped with others and if fever persists over 24 hours along with reported symptoms they must be immediately sent to emergency

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