Pregnancy Stages

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Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy stage which mostly every woman comes across after their marriage and in this there are various stages. But many don’t think about it or not understanding the importance of each stage. In general there are three stages in pregnancy and that includes first, second and third trimester. In each stage the mother will come across various emotional and physical effects. These changes due to physical and emotional effects are explained in detail in this article. If you are interested in understanding all these then spend few minutes in reading this article.

The first trimester is the first stage of pregnancy and this stage lasts for


sixteen weeks from the first day of last menstrual period after pregnancy. During this 16 week period women has to face various emotional feelings and all these will be new if they are conceiving a child for first time. If it is first time for a woman then she has to be very courageous and tolerate all his pains and emotions to give birth to a good healthier child.

The emotional changes in this first trimester are very joyful and exciting as they are going to give birth to a new baby. Also the feeling of that they are going to be a mother and like this many emotional feelings will pass on. The physical changes during this first trimester are not absolute and for nearly one month there won’t be any change in physical appearance. But it is evident through other symptoms such as vomiting, tiredness, and exhaustion. All these are because of new hormones which cause more tiredness and even make their breasts to feel sore so that it appears to be fully packed.

The second stage is the second trimester and this involves various emotional and physical feelings. This second trimester lasts for 12 weeks from 16th week to 28th week of the pregnancy period. In this period the emotions which arise among many women are very exciting as they will feel about the delivery process. Also not all women but most of the women will think of what are the necessary things needed for the upcoming baby and will spend in preparing or buying those things in this second trimester by telling to their parent or husband.

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In some cases women will like to hear stories about the delivery methods and how the child will come into earth. Mostly these stories are of their parents to bring them in to the earth. This kind of stories will make them to feel free of worry and allows them to spend the remaining days without fear. Because many in this stage will have lots of fear about their delivery and the pain involved with that. All these fears could run out of them if they think about giving birth to a new baby and all those fears will turn into happy thoughts.  In this stage there will be a strong desire for sex and don’t feel about anything as this is normal in this second trimester.

Beyond all these emotional changes the physical changes they come across is also very evident. The stomach of the women bulges every week and the movement of baby inside stomach is evident from outside. A new glow in the women’s face in the second trimester is evident and their areola will looker darker than the normal appearance. Also their appetite and nausea i.e., their vomiting sense decrease as the days moves on which in turn compels them to have healthier foods to make the baby healthier.

The third trimester which is the third and last stage of pregnancy lasts for


another 12 weeks from 28th week to 40th week. In this period women have to be very careful in their work as any small mishaps will cause serious issue to both the women and the child. There may be exhaustion as in the first trimester due to hormones compulsion and also it may boost you to clean up the house and doing some work. All these are normal and this is called “nesting” and this is good for health at the same time prepares you for giving birth to child without any difficulty.

The physical change is nothing but over enlargement of stomach but the emotional changes is more. Because many have fear about their delivery and it’s dangerous also will feel very nervous until they give birth to a child. In this third trimester mostly every woman’s thoughts will revolve around the baby and their physical strength as they have to take care of the baby without any problem. Other changes in this stage are frequent urination, vaginal discharge, contractions and breathing problems. Also they will feel difficulty in sleeping because of the over enlargement of stomach and will come across backbone problem. To avoid this kind of problem it is advised to use pillows.

So if you are the one who is pregnant or someone known to you is pregnant then the best advice is to enjoy all stages and move on till the delivery without any fear. Then it is possible for you to give birth to a good healthier baby.

Pregnancy Stages
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