Polluted Air Being Hard on Lungs

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It is no new news that chronic exposure to polluted air is really hard onPolluted Air lungs. Such high level of pollution is actually very unhealthy in the long term and leads to a number of health hazards.

Dr. Lindsay J. L. Forbes of University of London, UK, has reported the detailed study to Reuters. The smogs since the 1950s have been affecting the quality of life and high levels of pollution in the long term actually reduce lung function over time. The whole process is rather complex and cannot be just explained in layman terms but the scientist alludes to these extreme levels of pollution to be affecting many sides of our lives since long.

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The harm to health has been coming down since generation and gets even more complicated to reverse.The data was made applicable over 40,000 white adults since 1995 till up to 2001. The study has proven to be true and shows result of degeneration with each year. The varied levels of air pollution are the main culprit of most diseases around us.

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