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Bamboo massage is taking the massage therapy community by storm, using pieces of bamboo in various shapes and sizes, warmed in a special heating pad. Developed by certified Thai massage therapist Nathalie Cecilia, the technique allows therapists to easily adjust pressure for deep tissue work, giving clients the deeper pressure they want while sparing the therapist’s hands and wrists.

Cecilia has created an entire massage routine that incorporates rattan and bamboo of different sizes and shapes, which she calls Bamboo-Fusion massage, and is approved by the state of Florida and the NCBTMB to train other therapists in this new modality. She gives workshops all across the U.S., and her technique is rapidly becoming popular worldwide. Learn Cecilia’s Bamboo-Fusion massage techniques with DVDs from for table, chair and face massages, using special Bamboo massage stick sets.

Bamboo Massage Tool Sets
Bamboo massage tools are an eco-conscious, environmentally friendly way of relieving tension and stress for clients as well as for therapists’ joints, incorporating the durability and strength of all-natural bamboo.

Physical Therapists Love ProMedXpress Clinical Supplies

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For physical therapists, one of the most common difficulties they face is the challenge of stocking their practices with the best possible supplies while also keeping costs low. They don’t want to cut corners when it comes to purchasing clinical supplies for their offices, facilities, and evaluation rooms, but they also don’t want to spend so much on necessary equipment that they price clients out of their practice. It’s a delicate balancing act, and getting it just right can eat up hours of a physical therapist’s valuable time.

Fortunately, there is one website that allows physical therapists to get everything they need in one convenient place, all while saving money and keeping costs low. The website is ProMedXPress, and more and more physical therapists are using it everyday to find exactly the equipment they need. When physical therapists choose ProMedXPress clinical supplies, they are able to get the high-quality goods they and their customers want, all without paying through the nose or jacking up their treatment fees.

New Life Systems Equals True Value

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These days everyone has to count every penny. Getting true value for their money seems to be getting harder every day.

This is especially true for business owners. Usually, they are faced with the choice of either cutting down on quality or sacrificing the bottom line. Buying top quality supplies means lower profits, or fewer sales.

The beauty industry may be hit harder than other businesses because getting a spa treatment is a luxury. And when consumers have to make budget cuts, it is the luxuries in life that get cut out first.

How is a small spa supposed to survive in that type of economy? Small spas don’t have the buying power of larger outfits. They are forced to pay higher prices because they can’t afford to buy in such large quantities.

Recovering From Trauma

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The road to recovery can be a long and tiring journey, but humans are capable of extraordinary feats if they put their mind to something.  After experiencing trauma, it can be difficult to start the process of regaining the physical abilities that were once simple, but with the right equipment, a physical therapist, and some determination, the body can often heal itself quite efficiently.

Before attempting to start the recovery process, a patient should consult a healthcare provider.  If treatments are not performed properly, physical therapy can actually worsen an injury.  It is so important that all exercises are performed properly, under the supervision of an expert.  After the patient is informed about what steps are necessary for rehabilitation, they may be able to work without guidance.

One of the main focuses in rehabilitation is often rebuilding muscle that has been lost during convalescence.  This often involves using equipment like balancing boards, resistance bands, exercise balls, and more.  Often, after being prescribed some exercises that are specific to their needs, a patient can buy their own rehabilitation equipment and do their exercises from the comfort and convenience of their own home.